ust Winter Gift Guide
author: dominic trimboli

Welcome in the holiday season with ust and grab the gear you need to hit the trail running this Spring or grab a great gift to make your loved ones camping trips better than ever!

With warm weather for camping well in the rearview mirror this year take stock of your equipment and take advantage of our best deals to upgrade your gear. Think back to that trip with your friends this summer and try to remember what they might need. There’s no better time than now to grab them a new sleeping mat or a better cooking set that they’ll use every time they hit the trail.

Below is a list of gear the ust crew put together of some of our favorite and most useful holiday gift ideas to get your loved ones this Winter.

Affordable Camping Gifts for Christmas 2023

When you’re looking for basic camping gifts this year it’s always a great idea to focus on the little things you can improve to make a loved one’s life just a little bit easier. If you’re not looking to break the bank on a gift for your friend then weatherproof firestarters, efficient campsite cookware and long-lasting light sources are an ideal place to start. Here are a handful of simple camping gift ideas you can use to get started this holiday season.

LED Tent Bulbs

While a bonfire is nice to relax around at night, it doesn’t provide the kind of lighting you need to avoid stubbing a toe on the wood pile or knocking over a water bottle in the tent. Pick up a handful of our LED Tent Bulbs and guarantee your friends and family can see no matter how dark it is. Forget about running an extension cord all over the campsite, these wireless LED bulbs come with hanging carabiners so you can mount them on any branch, tent or bag. They can last for more than a full week on a single battery charge, and have dimmable settings built in. For less than $10 per bulb, it’s hard to find a more useful and affordable camping gift than this!

Pack-a-long Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife

When you’re out on a camping trip finding a safe, stable place to prepare your food is never a simple task. Make your friends’ life a little easier and guarantee they think of you every time they get ready to eat with a 100% bamboo cutting board and knife combo. Designed specifically for packability this cutting board is collapsible and magnetic. It fits perfect in any pack and will make sure your knife stays put until you’re ready to cook. Ultra-lightweight and sturdy enough for years of use with proper care, this cutting board is guaranteed to become a staple of your friends’ camping gear.

TekFire LED Fuel-Free Lighter

Cut down on the amount of gear your friends carry and get them a Firestarter that works no matter how hard the wind is blowing with the TekFire LED Fuel-Free Lighter. Leave the butane and matches at home because this lighter will work for weeks on a single charge. When sparked the flameless lighter arcs a line of electricity that immediately lights tinder. If you want to make this gift even better, grab a pack of our WetFire Tinder that’s guaranteed to light even when it’s raining.

Best Camping Gifts for Winter 2023

If you want to go big this year for Christmas and give your loved one a gift they’ll be planning trips around then the next group of gear is where you’ll want to get started.

Fillmatic Doublewide Self-Inflating Air Mattress

An important key to a successful camping trip is quality, restful sleep. Unfortunately bringing along a comfortable sleeping mat is often too cumbersome, and no one wants to bring along an air pump. That’s where the Fillmatic Doublewide Sleeping Mat comes in. While large enough to comfortably fit two people for a night of rest you can also clip on additional mats for extra space. When rolled up the mat is smaller than a sleeping bag and weighs less than 5lbs, making it perfect for long camping trips when every inch of space matters. Simply unroll it and let the self-inflating mat set itself up while you take care of setting up the campsite.

60-Day Duro LED Lantern

When camping you need a consistent source of quality light that you know won’t go out no matter the weather. It’s hard to find a better option than the 60-day Duro LED Lantern, that will run for nearly two months on a single charge. Made with durable, water-resistant rubber housing and unbreakable LED lights, this lamp will ensure your loved ones can see no matter how bad the weather gets. The detachable base hides a hanging hook, so this works great as a lantern in the tent, off the branch of a tree or simply resting on a tabletop.

House Party 6-Person Tent

When you want a gift the whole family can enjoy the House Party 6-Person Tent is exactly what you’re looking for. With an oversized footprint for maximum room and expandable interior space this tent is perfect for camping trips with the kids, or a weekend escape with your friends. Combining years of design this tent features our best-in-class durability, simple setup and our most lightweight build in a tent of this size. Your friends will appreciate the single-wall construction with built-in vents and color-coded poles that make this tent a breeze to put up and take down.

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