Lighting a Fire in Any Conditions
author: dominic trimboli

How to Light a Fire in Any Weather Conditions

While we’d all love to be able to camp when it’s 70F and sunny all the time, Mother Nature tends to have other plans in mind. Rain, heavy wind, lack of tinder, or even just a wet pack can lead to a cold night if you’re not prepared. So, the crew here at ust has put together this guide to help you light a fire no matter what the weather is like, so you always have a nice warm night by the campfire when you need it most!

How to start a fire when it’s too windy

High winds and altitude can put a big damper on getting a bonfire going for the campsite. We’ve all tried to get a lighter going and end up cursing the wind as it blows the flame out instantly. You call your friends over to build a makeshift wind wall and after all your hard work (and wasted time) it still gets blown out before you can build something manageable. We know how it goes, and we’re here to help with our lineup of flame and fuel-free lighters that ignite every time, no matter how windy it is.

The new TekFire LED Fuel Free Lighter gets tinder lit in seconds, and from there it’s just a matter of time before you’re warming up fireside. It works by creating an arc of electricity that’s completely immune to the wind, and it doesn’t require any extra fuel to make it work. Just charge the lighter before your trip and guarantee you can get a fire going no matter the conditions.

How to start a fire without a lighter

When it comes to camping the crew here at ust prefers to have a Plan B for any situation. While it’s good to know you’ve got matches or a lighter at hand, it’s important to have a backup in case your bag gets wet or the lighter runs out of fuel.

If you’re looking for an easy emergency fire starter then the Stoke Kit is the ideal addition for your camping kit. It starts with a highly water-resistant container, sealed with an O-ring for maximum protection. Inside is our Micro Sparkwheel fire starter, our Light-me tinder and backup pieces for everything just in case the first fire goes out early.

If you prefer to skip the lighters altogether, or you want to guarantee your fire starter works even when it’s wet, then maybe a manual fire starter is more your speed. Let’s look at two of our favorite manual fire starters, the Blastmatch and the Sparkforce. Each of these manual fire starters are flint based and will work whether it’s wet, cold, windy or any other conditions you can think up. They’re both exceedingly durable, and able to start upwards of 3,000 fires throughout their lifetime. While both are similar in performance, the Blastmatch is meant for one-handed use in case you’re injured or unable to use a secondhand for any reason.

Combine either of these fire starters with a small roll of Light-Me Tinder or a few Fire Starter Stix and you’ve got an easy fire no matter the conditions.

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