visual storytelling
story: sam starr

Being a storyteller is something I never dreamed I could become. I never thought it was even possible to be doing something so "far-fetched" as a job.

Growing up I always loved photography. I remember stealing my mom's video camera to film hours of my friends and I ramping our bikes off of anything we could find.

being outside &
taking pictures
By the time I got to high school I was already having a bad go at doing homework and studying. School didn't interest me at all until I was able to take my first photography class. After that first year of photography, my friends and I did a big summer road trip starting in Kansas City. We drove all the way to Washington state and back, about 1,800 miles both ways. Along the way I took photos documenting our journey. I shared them with everyone from the trip, and they were well received. Sometime in the days following that trip it hit me... I realized what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to follow my two biggest passions in life, being outside and taking pictures. It took me several years to realize that I could actually do this professionally.

what's your major?
I dropped out of college (didn't even make it 3 semesters) and started to pursue my photography dream. At first, it was awkward to talk about. I'd go home and see people I haven't seen in a long time and they would ask "how's school going?" or "what's your major"? For a little while, I felt embarrassed that I wasn't in school like everyone else. I doubled down though and continued to chase my dream career.

"a real job"
Fast forward a few years... here I am with ust. I get to take new ust gear out anywhere I choose. I test out the gear, take photos, and so much more. I get to tell the stories of trips with my friends, stories that will last forever to us. In doing so I hope we accomplish a few things:

1. Encourage people to take that leap of faith. Try something new, pursue your passion even if some might not consider it "a real job".

2. Inspire people to go out and do things with friends / anyone can plan a fun road trip that won't cost ya too much.

3. Stewardship - I hope most importantly I can help people see that this world is a gift. It is our job to be good stewards and take care of it.