ust Halloween Lighting Help
author: dominic trimboli

The trees are changing, the temperature’s dropping and that means Fall is in full swing! Unfortunately, that means the sun is going down much sooner than we’re used to. If you’re anything like us at ust, you don’t let an early sunset stop you from getting out and enjoying the crisp autumn air. Whether you need a lantern to light the way to the bonfire, or a headlamp to keep your hands free for all that candy on Halloween, ust has all your outdoor lighting gear handled this Fall.

Hands-Free Help for Halloween

When you’re taking your munchkins out for trick or treating no one wants to have their hands full with a lamp when you could be carrying an extra pillowcase full of candy! That’s where the Brila 580 LED Headlamp comes into play, it’s our best LED headlamp and is guaranteed to light the way making sure nobody trips and ruins their costume. In addition, you’ll make yourself and your family more visible to cars driving through the neighborhood while you’re out walking from house to house.

If your kids are old enough to head out on their own this year, get them their own headlamp with the compact and affordable SplashFlash LED. This durable headlamp is comfortable and water-resistant, so even if it starts raining your kids will be able to see the whole way home!

Light up the Backyard with a Lantern

While Jack-o-lanterns are great for decorating, unfortunately they’re pretty terrible at actually lighting the way. So if you need a little extra light to make it through that corn maze this year, or you simply want to be able to see in the backyard on the way to back to the bonfire, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gear.

The Spright is the perfect lantern for hanging out in the backyard or around the campfire after dark. Fully rechargeable, with a battery life of 6-hours this miniature lantern doubles as a power bank so you can charge your phone or run a speaker when you’re sitting by the fire. The Spright is able to fit in the palm of your hand or hang from a belt loop. It’s the perfect amount of light to hang over a table for playing Euchre on the back deck.

If the Spright is a little bit too small for your needs, then take the step up to the classic Duro 1000. Able to produce light for 30-days on a single charge this lantern will never let you down if you charge it once a month. Made with durable, water-resistant rubber housing and unbreakable LED lights, this lamp will ensure you can see no matter how dark it is during that haunted hike through the woods. The detachable base hides a hanging hook as well, so this works great as a lantern in the tent, or off the branch of a tree as well.