Halloween Camping with Kids
author: dominic trimboli

Setting up camp on Halloween weekend, enjoying the beautiful changing leaves, and sharing scary stories around the fire with friends and family are some of our favorite memories here at ust. This year we wanted to give you some tips we learned from our various Halloween camping trips. Our goal is to help you really take in the autumn ambiance and get the most out of camping with the kids this Halloween season!

Spending Halloween at the Campground with the Kids

If you want to do something a little bit different, and a lot of fun this fall then it’s time to take the kids to the campground for Halloween. At ust we love finding campgrounds near us that host Halloween parties with costume parades, haunted hayrides or walks through the woods, and of course, trick-or-treating from tent to tent.

Before the kids head out for a night of sugar and scares make sure they’ve got a couple of our See-Me Glow Sticks so they’re easy to keep track of while they run around in their costumes all night. While they’re out enjoying the evening, set yourself up with our Pack A Long Table so you can pass out candy and relax by the fire watching the superheroes, ninjas and princesses stroll by. The best part about hanging back by the campsite, you get to enjoy grilled brats and veggies off the grill one more time before winter gets here. Our Pack A Long Grill works with wood or charcoal and collapses down so you can pack it in with no problem.

Pro tip from the crew at ust, keep your hands free and your path clear while you chase them around with a Brila 450 Headlamp. It will make everything easier at night, from walking around the campground looking for the kids to managing the bonfire and the campsite.

Stay Warm and Comfy in your Tent!

At some point after the kids have had their fill of candy and the last log’s been thrown on the fire it’s time to head back to the tent for a well-deserved night of rest. If you haven’t gone camping at the end of October before, it’s important to know you’re going to want to stay off the ground and in a high-quality sleeping bag to get a good night of sleep.

Keep yourself and the family comfortable all night with our Fillmatic Air Mats. They self-inflate in just a few seconds, clip together to form larger sleeping areas, and insulate you from the ground keeping you and the kids warm and cozy. They come in single, or doublewide so you can get exactly the right size to fit your tent. Finally, guarantee that toasty night of sleep with our Monarch sleeping bag. Guaranteed to keep you warm with its mummy-style wings that wrap you up for the best night of sleep you’ve had in a tent.