Three Fun Fall Activities for the Family
author: dominic trimboli

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year out in the woods and it’s our last chance to go back out with the family before temperatures drop. If you’re stumped for something to do with the family this Fall then the crew here at ust has a perfect list for you! We polled the staff and voted on our favorite things to do with the kids to get out one more time before winter comes.

Get spooky with a haunted hayride or corn maze!

Wake up the kids, tell ‘em to put on their Halloween costumes and prepare for an afternoon on a farm! The number one thing our crew likes to do in the Fall is take the kids to a haunted corn maze, and bonus points if it has a haunted hayride for the little ones as well!

No matter how old your kids are this is a great fall activity. If you’ve got young kids, take them during the day to explore the maze while they can see, show off their costumes and check out the farm animals. If your kids are older take them there at night, hand them a Duro 1000 lantern and turn them loose! They’ll love spending an hour or two spooking themselves and getting lost by lantern light. Don’t worry, the Duro 1000 will last for 30 days on a single charge, so they’ll be able to see all night.

Find a corn maze near you with this link and explore the outdoors with the kids one last time before it gets too cold!

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are calling your name!

It doesn’t get much better than waking up with some warm apple cider, a toasty cinnamon sugar covered donut and a brisk walk through an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Coming in second on our list is an excuse to get the kids out early under the guise of picking the best pumpkins and apples before anyone else can get to them!

While you kick back and relax with some delicious cider, watch as the kids tire themselves out running from pumpkin to pumpkin and apple to apple trying to find which one is the best. To help them find the perfect pumpkin or get the apples with no blemishes, make sure each of your kids has a SplashFlash LED Flashlight with them. No one likes to get home and find out they missed a dark squishy spot on their pumpkin or apples that they spent time finding!

Find a pumpkin patch or apple orchard near you with this link and explore the outdoors with the kids one last time before it gets too cold!

It’s bonfire time!

While it’s easy to have a bonfire in the backyard with friends and family, for those living in close quarters there’s dozens of options to get on the road and enjoy a big fire with your favorite people. Start your search with orchards and cider mills near you, they often have a few nights a week where they open the property up for an evening of warm drinks and a big crackling bonfire! If something a little quieter is more your speed, then search for State and National parks near you that often offer public bonfire rings as long as you’re careful! You’ll feel relaxed as ever sitting on your foldout chair as the wind kicks up and the leaves rustle in the wind behind you!

If you need a little help getting the fire started then take a look at our myriad of fire starters like the TekFire Pro, it’s a fuel and flame free lighter that works even when it’s wet!